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Revolutionizing Cloud Infrastructure with BKR: A Technical Journey of Transformation and Efficiency

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“Everyone knows that the cloud provides reliability and has advantages in terms of speed. But when we talk about cloud management, things get a little complicated. If it is a small-scale infrastructure, it is possible to operate it directly, but it is not easy to manage dozens of cloud resources and IT infrastructure resources worth tens of millions of won per month .”

“OpsNow gives us an at-a-glance view of our cloud resources and costs. In particular, by laying the groundwork for introducing Reserved Instance and Savings Plans for cost reduction through OpsNow, we were able to reduce cloud costs by 25%. 

– BKR IT Team Assistant Manager Choi Nam-young
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Company Overview

BKR is a company that operates and manages around 400 domestic locations and franchises of Burger King, a global hamburger franchise. In addition to store operations, we enable domestic customers to enjoy Burger King conveniently and happily through the web, app, and external channels (delivery service, call center, etc.).


In 2019, IT infrastructure resources operated by IDC were transferred to AWS. At the time, I was using cloud migration and database operation services from Bespin Global. While incurring costs of about tens of millions of won per month, we wanted to systematically and easily manage the growing cloud billing and AWS resources. In addition, as infrastructure costs continued to increase after the service opened, there was a challenge to lower them.


We proposed and introduced OpsNow while working on a cloud project with Bespin Global. Through cloud cost consulting, I learned that there are many areas where you can save depending on how well you manage it. Now, the person in charge can quickly grasp the status of the IT infrastructure directly through OpsNow’s dashboard. We are currently utilizing the enterprise version with benefits for asset, cost management and optimization.


OpsNow responds intuitively and quickly while managing cloud resources and costs. In particular, the biggest advantage is the Relation Map, which visually expresses the connection between resources and allows you to understand the infrastructure configuration at a glance.

Image of Relation Map in OpsNow resource management menu

In a cloud environment, there are elements that incur costs even when resources are turned on. In fact, OpsNow quickly identified unused servers that were still on and shut them down, reducing unnecessary spending. It also saved money by reducing resources that were being overpaid.
Best of all, by using OpsNow, it became easier to check the current status of resources and costs, and we reduced costs by applying contract discounts such as Reserved Instances and Savings Plans. Through OpsNow adoption and Bespin Global’s cloud cost consulting, we actually saved about 25% .

About Bespin Global:

Bespin Global helps businesses accelerate cloud adoption with industry leading solutions and consulting  expertise, delivering service-level-driven outcomes across all the major public cloud technologies.

Serving more than 3000 customers throughout our offices located around the world, Bespin relies on the large  number of skilled, highly certified cloud experts and their in-depth experience in the industry to help  organizations thrive on innovation and technology.

Bespin Global’s services include cloud Resell, migration, implementation, Big Data, DevOps, and FinOps for a range  of Cloud Services Providers (CSPs) such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud.

Listed since 2016 in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud infrastructure for six years in a row, Bespin is  now recognized as a “Visionary” in 2022 Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud IT Transformation services. Bespin  Global has also developed its own monitoring tool called “OpsNow” to support businesses in controlling their  cloud costs and managing multi-cloud environments.

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