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Optimizing Cloud Infrastructure for Seamless Growth: A Case Study of iICombined’s Partnership with Bespin Global

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Company Overview

iICombined is a company that operates the fashion eyewear brand “Gentle Monster,” the cosmetics brand “Tambourines,” and the dessert brand “Nudake.” By providing new and innovative experiences, it is securing a fan base centered on the MZ generation. In particular, Gentle Monster is rapidly growing into a global brand, with more than 40 directly managed stores in Asia, Europe, and the United States.


All services provided by iICombined are operated on the AWS Cloud. As our business grew rapidly and the number of services we operated increased, we felt the need to upgrade our cloud infrastructure and manage it more efficiently.

In particular, we had to solve the inconvenience of operating multiple services with one AWS account. For example, AWS provides cost details only on an account basis, so it is difficult to check service-specific cost information other than the overall cost. However, in order to efficiently manage cloud infrastructure, detailed data was needed on how much money was being spent for each service.


1) Introduction of cloud infrastructure managed service

We decided to operate AWS infrastructure through Bespin Global’s Cloud Infrastructure Managed Service (IMS). Bespin Global first conducted a comprehensive analysis, including the status of existing infrastructure, architecture analysis, and risk analysis. In the process, we discovered that the existing AWS Backup policy was not working properly, so we modified it into a more detailed policy to supplement and apply the basic policy.
The load balancer configuration of the existing architecture was also changed to ELB* suitable for the purpose and rules were established to ensure high availability without issues even when conducting events with a large user influx. In addition, due to the expansion of Gentle Monster’s service, it was necessary to expand infrastructure for overseas markets such as Singapore, and this was not only implemented stably through Bespin, but was also able to reduce costs by utilizing the Auto-Spot function.
* ELB: Elastic Load Balancer

2) Introduction of ObsNow, a cloud operation management automation solution

The biggest reason we chose Bespin Global as our cloud partner is OpsNow . In OpsNow, you can create and manage service groups based on tags. In fact, iICombined tags each service logic, including website, e-commerce, and payment, to immediately check detailed usage status and costs within a single account. We also identified resources that were created but not being used, or resources that could be used more efficiently, and immediately reduced or optimized costs.

OpsNow, Selected By IICombined, Contact Us


“OpsNow’s usability and scalability are the decisive reasons for choosing Bespin Global as our cloud partner. We expect more stable service operation and continued cost reduction through collaboration with Bespin Global.”

– iAICombined backend team leader

Through Bespin Global’s IMS and OpsNow, we were able to manage cloud infrastructure more systematically, right sizing resources, and optimizing costs. We look forward to more stable service and continued cost savings in the future.

Usually, when cloud infrastructure operation is entrusted to a partner company, one dedicated person is often assigned. As a result, work may be delayed or gaps may arise due to personal circumstances. However, Bespin Global’s IMS is conducted as a shared MSP on a team basis, so there are no gaps in work. The entire team of engineers understands the customer’s infrastructure situation and operations, so the speed of responding to service requests is much faster.

The value of Bespin Global’s Cloud IMS

professionalismstabilityefficiencycut down the moneysecurityinnovativeness
Cloud expert service
OS, DB, APP, security specialist
Provides 24✕365 monitoring
best practices
Provides diverse expertise and
cloud operation know-how
and provides cost optimization services
Provide cost optimization servicesPresenting optimal security measures
Provide architecture reviews and new technology training

Bespin Global’s Market Overview

The digital wind is blowing in the fashion industry as well. Beyond online shopping malls, we reach out to customers through Metaverse, NFT, etc., and build an IT system to manage everything from product development to production, operation, and customer management with real-time data. One of the reasons fashion companies are switching to digital is ‘personalization’. Through AI and big data, we analyze customers’ purchase records, shopping carts, and store visit records to present products that suit their tastes. And in order to quickly and precisely analyze and manage this much data, the cloud is essential.

Adopting the cloud is important, but using it well is more important. In particular, the faster a company grows, the more likely it is that resources and costs will be wasted on cloud infrastructure as it focuses on business. Therefore, we need to think about how to manage this effectively. IiCombined, a fashion brand that is growing rapidly as a global company, found the answer in Bespin Global and OpsNow. Thanks to OpsNow, which contains Bespin’s cloud experience and know-how, we were able to systematically manage cloud infrastructure by service and optimize resources and costs. We are looking forward to the future actions of AICombined, which will provide more innovative experiences to global customers on the cloud.

About Bespin Global:

Bespin Global helps businesses accelerate cloud adoption with industry leading solutions and consulting  expertise, delivering service-level-driven outcomes across all the major public cloud technologies.

Serving more than 3000 customers throughout our offices located around the world, Bespin relies on the large  number of skilled, highly certified cloud experts and their in-depth experience in the industry to help  organizations thrive on innovation and technology.

Bespin Global’s services include cloud Resell, migration, implementation, Big Data, DevOps, and FinOps for a range  of Cloud Services Providers (CSPs) such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud.

Listed since 2016 in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud infrastructure for six years in a row, Bespin is  now recognized as a “Visionary” in 2023 Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud IT Transformation services. Bespin  Global has also developed its own monitoring tool called “OpsNow” to support businesses in controlling their  cloud costs and managing multi-cloud environments.

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